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Fostering an awareness of the developments in Science and Technology in the wider community in and around Cirencester

The following papers have been submitted by members.   Please note that the views expressed in papers do not necessarily represent the views of the CSTS or of the committee.

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A note on Gravitational Waves Dr. Michael McEllin 16_02_2016

On the announcement of the detection of gravitational waves, a personal reflection on a chance meeting with one of the instigators of the research into this field.

Filename: GravitationalWaves.pdf
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Decommissioning Nuclear Power Stations Dr. Michael McEllin 16_09_2015

An in-depth discussion of some important aspects of the decommissioning process.

Filename: DecommissioningNuclearPower.pdf
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Hedonics, or the study of happiness: a load of old rubbish or a new hard science? Professor Peter Stoward 12_12_2013 The meaning and measurement of happiness and well-being and their correlates
Filename: Hedonics_or_the_study_of_happiness.pdf
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Climate Change: The Road from Rio to Copenhagen John James 08_06_2009 A recapitulation of what has been achieved since the Climate Change caravan began its journey in Rio de Janeiro
Filename: Climate_Change-The_Road_from_Rio_to_Copenhagen.doc
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The Gloucestershire Floods, July 2007: An Emergency in Progress Eric Jones, Professorial Fellow, Melbourne Business School 12_10_2009 This note documents events during the Gloucestershire floods of July, 2007. It was written while the floods were actually taking place in order to obviate the later distortions common in studies of disaster management.
Filename: The_Gloucestershire_Floods_Two.pdf
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The Gloucestershire Floods 2007 Palmer Newbould 12_10_2009 This article reviews sources of information relevant to the Gloucestershire floods in 2007.
Filename: Newbould_CNFC_Proc_Jan2009.pdf
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A Review of the Royal Society Report on Geoengineering Dr. Michael McEllin 13_10_2009 The salient points of the report are condensed into a clear and concise summary.
Filename: GeoEngineering.doc
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