The Society's Aims:

Fostering an awareness of the developments in Science and Technology in the wider community in and around Cirencester

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Welcome to the

Cirencester Science & Technology Society


The Society's objective is to spread the understanding of Science, especially in schools in the Cirencester area. It arranges a series of ten lectures during each academic year, on a varied selection of topics. Talks are intended to appeal to a wide range of interests and levels of scientific background, conducted in an open and friendly atmosphere.

We also organise visits to various places including factories, power stations, wildlife reserves and musuems, always with special attraction for people interested in science and technology.


The Next Meeting:

Wednesday, 13th September, 2017
   Fungus Wars

given by Prof Lynne Boddy
Decomposition Ecologist, Cardiff University
  • Venue: RAU
  • Fungi are crucial to the well-being of our planet.  With around 5 million species, they are rarely found growing alone in nature but usually in communities of several or many other fungi, and also bacteria.  They are all competing for limited resources, and do so by fighting each other!

    Fungi at war

    I will show how they ‘attack’ and ‘defend’ their territory by deploying an arsenal of chemicals at distance, and using these chemicals and other aggressive mechanisms following contact. I will also explain why we cannot live without fungi.

For full details of this and other future lectures please see the Lecture Programme page.

The Next Visits:

Tuesday, 12th September, 2017
   Shuttleworth Collection



    Nr Biggleswade

     Tuesday 12 September 2017

      Leave Cirencester Rugby Club at 0830

    leaving Biggleswade at 1500

     The Collection of aircraft and cars was started by Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth, a passionate racer and pilot. Based in the aerodrome, the Collection contains some of the last airworthy aircraft of their type remaining anywhere in the world.

    • Vintage aircraft: 1909-1950s
    • Vehicles: mostly Edwardian, early dogcarts and 1930s-1940s cars
    • Motorcycles, penny farthings and a 1904 Aurora
    • Agricultural exhibits: working Chaff Cutter, living van and tractors

      Also on view will be:

     Swiss Garden:  Created between 1824-32 it has now been completely restored to its former  glory

     Mansion built in 1875 and not normally open for general public viewing.

    There is a restaurant on site

     The total cost for this visit is £37.00

    Pay by bank transfer to :

     Sort code:     40-52-40

     Account no:  00016646

     Reference:    SHUTyour name

     Send cheque made payable to CSTS to Daphne Morton, 53 Victoria Road, Cirencester GL7 1ES



  • Organiser: Daphne

Wednesday, 27th September, 2017
   RAF Brize Norton


     Visit to Tactical Medical Wing RAF Brize Norton


    Much publicity was rightly given to the sad repatriation of Service personnel who had lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan; however, nowhere near as much publicity was given to the incredible and often heroic efforts of Tactical Medical Wing personnel to evacuate casualties by helicopter from the battlefields to the Field Hospitals for stabilization prior to their urgent aeromedical recovery to major trauma centres in the UK. 

     The Branch is most fortunate to have been offered the opportunity to visit the RAF Tactical Medical Wing (TMW) at RAF Brize Norton on:

     27 September 2017 commencing at 13:00 and finishing circa 16:30

     Programme        The Programme will embrace all aspects of RAF Aeromedical Evacuation, including the history, techniques and equipment used plus examples of live operational aeromedical evacuations.  Subject to operational circumstances, we hope to visit an aircraft configured for aeromedical evacuation.

     Car Parking          Car parking will be in the lay-by shown on the map below and you should go straight to the lay-by and not the Main Visitor Reception at RAF Brize Norton.  Ideally arrange to arrive by 12:45. We will need advanced notification of car details, drivers and passengers so that we can submit a visitor nominal roll in advance of the visit. We encourage the use of car-sharing.   Tactical Aeromedical Wing will provide any on-base transport that may be required.

     Cost                        There is no charge for the visit itself but we may suggest a small fee to cover refreshments and also make a donation to a suitable charity.

     Security                   As always, a suitable photo ID (Driving Licence or Passport) MUST be carried at all times and be available on request.

    Registration         Those of you wishing to attend should contact the Branch Secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or 07740 136609) to register your desire to attend by 1 September 2017.   

  • Organiser: Make your own arrangements as per registration details

Tuesday, 10th April, 2018
   Rainforest & Museum of Army Flying

For full details of this and other future visits please see the Visits page.