The Society's Aims:

Fostering an awareness of the developments in Science and Technology in the wider community in and around Cirencester

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Welcome to the

Cirencester Science & Technology Society


The Society's objective is to spread the understanding of Science, especially in schools in the Cirencester area. It arranges a series of ten lectures during each academic year, on a varied selection of topics. Talks are intended to appeal to a wide range of interests and levels of scientific background, conducted in an open and friendly atmosphere.

We also organise visits to various places including factories, power stations, wildlife reserves and museums, always with special attraction for people interested in science and technology.


The Next Meeting:

Wednesday, 13th June, 2018
   Volcano Monitoring with Citizen Scientists

given by Prof. Hazel Rymer,
Open University
  • Venue: RAU
  • Our interdisciplinary study is based at Masaya volcano (Nicaragua) because of the varying environmental conditions at Masaya seen through time and the persistent, low level of eruptive activity. This project seeks to track and quantify the volatile flux at Masaya from the source magma, through the volcanic plume, to the local environmental sinks in the soil and water, and the flora and fauna.

    This work builds on a project that began in 1993 and already represents a uniquely long and continuous data set of integrated volcanological and ecological surveys. A feature of this work is that it has been carried out by Citizen Scientists.  The use of ‘non specialist’ people in the field has been highly effective, even when it comes to using high tech equipment. This is because the volunteers bring expertise to the project which the core science team don’t necessarily have.

    This talk will cover the work of the Citizen Scientists and our latest results.

For full details of this and other future lectures please see the Lecture Programme page.

The Next Visits:

Monday, 4th June, 2018
   Westmill Wind Farm


    A visit and guided tour to the ‘Wetset’ Wind farm and Solar panel array. This has been on our list for some time now without any significant details.

    I am pleased to announce today that although it means a change of date this is now fixed for Monday 4th June.

    Transport will be by your own car or hopefully you might share with other members that will be going. The site is near to Shivenham and lies in the Watchfield parish.

     Wind farm location: Westmill Wind Farm, Watchfield, Swindon, SN6 8TH

    Note you are looking for a Farm gate to a field, there are no buildings   

    We need to be there at 10am for the tour to start at 10.30am. The visit will last around 1 to 1 ½ hours and it is free.

    Important note

    The visit will entail walking about a mile and a bit. Suitable footware is essential as we will be using unmade paths and if the weather is bad suitable clothing might also be necessary.

    As notice is short it will be ‘first come first served’. The site is large and we can take up to 20 persons, so it will be necessary to ask all visitors to sign on when arriving. Those arriving after 10.30 are not likely to gain admission.

    All requests to join the visit should be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ASAP.




  • Organiser: Bunny Lees -Smith

For full details of this and other future visits please see the Visits page.